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In today’s digital landscape, physician and practice reviews control a critical amount of patient decision making. Reputation & Reviews is the answer to control, organize and increase positive reviews. We dramatically improve your physician and practice reputation with our innovative system which automates the entire patient acquisition process, reduces office staff work and delivers amazing results.

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Features Quick Overview

✔ Generate, Monitor & Manage Reviews

✔ Text Message Patient Review System

✔ Integrates with all EMR Systems

✔ Improves Physician Reputations

✔Attracts The Patients You Want

✔ Grows Your Practices Revenue

✔ Automates The Entire Process


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When you use our PracticeReviews tools, you optimize your internet listing pages and get an increase in positive reviews for your physicians and locations. This powerful combination moves you to the top of Local Search results, so you are seen by more potential patients.

This heightened visibility and improved reputation generate real and measurable increases in clicks and calls into your offices for new appointments. These new customers find your practice without you ever lifting a finger, and they result in the revenue growth you want.

The PracticeReviews Business Insights Calculator shows you the real, measurable actions people take right from the Google search results.  You can quickly see how reputation marketing translates into new clients and increased revenue. If you want to further refine the types of customers you wish to attract to your group, our ProPractice Services can do just that by broadcasting your successful reputation and increasing your visibility in your most preferred markets.

Because of your authoritative reputation these potential patients are now more likely to trust your skills and take immediate action. Want to see how much PracticeReviews can help increase your revenue? Request a free demo today!

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