Learn About HavePatients:

We’ve spent several years building an incredible all-in-one healthcare marketing and practice growth platform that combines the experience of our expert medical marketing team with the power of automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Our Solutions:

  • are easy to measure success
  • are fully HIPAA compliant
  • are backed by a comprehensive Medical Advisory Board of physicians
  • come with a dedicated account manager
  • have proven to build and grow practices

Quick Facts:

  • We work exclusively in the healthcare field.
  • We’ve filmed over 850 patient testimonials. This means we’ve spent around 2500 hours learning how specifically how patients think, and what drove them to make their decisions.
  • We’ve managed 100’s of millions in digital ad spend. This also has taught us incredible information on how patients think and behave online when going through phases of searching for a treatment and then a doctor.
  • We built HavePatients to give practices an all-in-one digital growth platform contains everything needed for to grow everything from a small practice to a health system. 

Ask About Any Competitor

Our mission, from day one, has been focused solely on connecting healthcare providers and patients. We’ve taken over numerous failed projects from other “medical marketing” companies, who are in fact regular marketing agencies that have decided to exploit healthcare providers by wrongly marketing themselves as healthcare experts. Don’t let an agency learn on your investment. 

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