Proven Healthcare Growth Solutions & Medical Marketing.

Have Patients is an all-in-one healthcare marketing and practice growth platform that combines the power of automation with the personal touch of expert strategy. Our services are HIPAA-Compliant, backed by a comprehensive Medical Advisory Board and proven for over a decade to grow and build thriving practices.

First, we’re glad you’re here. Hello. We have been working with medical practices across the united states for over 15 years. Not just some of us, all of us. Us, meaning the entire staff of Have Patients. We’ve been in more meetings with more doctors than probably anyone. We’ve learned just about everything about the way practices work. Most of our staff thinks they have a good chance of being able to perform a successful ACL reconstruction, maybe a laminectomy? We’ve filmed over 800 patient testimonials for doctors. Oh, and we know patients too- pretty much everything about them. What they want, how they search, specialty by specialty (lot’s of case studies- more about that later). We’ve also managed literally 100’s of millions in digital ad spend with proven ROI tracking strategies- we will also get into that later.

We built Have Patients to give practices an all-in-one digital growth platform that was easy to use and contained everything needed for success, including all the services many groups have overlooked (which are some of the most important). Dive in and learn more by calling today!

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